owner designer

Hello! I’m Vilte – the hands and creativity behind the work of The Elegant Quill. From my design and calligraphy to day-to-day tasks such as organizing the home, I love making everything look elegant. Blame it on my sun sign, Virgo, but I’m obsessed when it comes to the details. Thank goodness for deadlines, otherwise I would spend forever refining and perfecting every piece of work!

Before starting The Elegant Quill, I had a professional ballet career. The story of my transition from dance to design is long, but now I let my pen do the dancing – creating graceful lines that flow across the page, pairing perfectly with the aesthetics of weddings and other stylish social events. Having worked in the wedding and events industry as a coordinator for over a year, I am more than familiar with the event planning process and can help guide clients in areas outside design and calligraphy.

I currently reside in California’s beautiful Sonoma Wine Country with my husband and our one year old son. Planning an elegant affair? I would love to fulfill your design needs. Let’s connect!